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A Racing Life

A Racing Life

A Racing Life

Tony Elliott grew up in racing in Warsaw, Indiana. Following in his father’s footsteps, Tony went on to international racing fame. During that long and successful career of racing and race teams, he learned a great deal about the trailers that haul the cars from one track to another.

Tony's wife, Cindy Elliott, opened Elliott's Custom Trailers & Carts (Elliott's Cars & Carts, LLC) in 2004 selling golf carts. When Tony's racing days were over, a transition to selling racing trailers was natural. He and Cindy expanded the business and she carries on the tradition today.

IRMA, Indiana Racing Memorial Association, donated a plaque that is alongside a highway entering Warsaw. It reads-

Tony Elliott, born in Warsaw, Indiana on January 24, 1961, was an “Indiana Short Track Icon.” For good reason. Following in his father’s racing footsteps, Tony immersed himself in sprint car racing. He competed on local tracks in Warsaw, Gas City, and Kokomo while winning multiple track championships at each. His natural talent, hard work, and dedication took him to the most competitive racing series in America, USAC Sprint Cars. He won his first USAC Sprint Car race in 1987 and he never looked back.

Tony went on to win 26 national features, and two National Championships in 1998 and 2000. With USAC, he also won in Midgets and Silver Crown cars. His prowess carried him to international success, winning the Australian Midget title in 2004. Tony lived life to the fullest.

NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart, following Tony’s untimely death on October 2, 2015, described him best: “He was a fierce competitor on the track. But also a dedicated father, husband, son, brother and friend.”